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Post Sales Support Engineer 1988 - 1992

Started working at CADCENTRE as a G.N.C support engineer in the CAMCENTRE division initially Developing the PRIME tablet Menus for G.N.C, which progressed onto the Screen Menus. During Supporting, Training, Writing Post Processors.

Senior Support Engineer. 1992 - 1994

When I was a Senior Support Engineer I became involved in install testing, releasing , and securing the Software, intially on PRIME and VAX computers, but eventually ported onto Apollo Workstations, IBMs, HP700s, SUNS, Sparcs, SGs.

Product Release Manager. 1994 - 2000

I moved over to the CADCENTRES PDMS division as the Product Release Manager intially to set up a Standard Process, that all CADCENTREs Products would use. All Development departments would follow the same procedures from development, to Product Test, To Customer Services, To the Customer.

During Documenting the Process, I have developed a UNIX system that stores and tracks a Product via a series of electronic deliverable files, From Devleopment thru to the customer.

Also During analyising the Release Process I changed the Release Procedure of the Manuals for each product so that they were released Electronically, as 2xA5 manuals from A4 master documents onto a GOLD CD to the printers. This removed the Paper master, and Cut the Manual Weight down from 27 Kg to 9Kg for 1 product.

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A spinoff from this process was that using Adobe Acrobat the users could view all the manuals on all hardware using Free viewers. The PDF documents can also be viewed on the Internet, As you can see by my CV I helped setup CADCENTRE,s Web site.

I have written processes to Convert WORD2/WORD6 Interleaf, and Plot A4 Postscript Files into 2XA5 files, along with procedures for all other users to follow.

This ia a CD-ROM
I also compiled the first UNIX, and NT CD-ROM, making GOLD CD-ROM, and sending a GOLD Pre-Master CD-ROM to be made into a Glass master , and have 500 CD-ROM,s pressed from the glass master, with a booklet , and Jewel Case. I was intrumental in placing all the products, manuals onto the second CD-ROM thus reducing the shipping costs down to an envelope, with paper manuals at extra cost.

This ia a screen shot or RMAN Server Main page.Currently Re-specified Rman UNIX scripts and employed a Student on small contract to re-write unix scripts into Perl/CGI-Scripts and HTML so that Rman can run internally as a Server. This removes the dependancy on UNIX, as the Customer base is moving towards Intel NT now.
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