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Status - Married to Clare, happily for 15 years, and have 2 children, both girls. Zoe who is 14 years old, and Beth who is 11 years old.
Zoe in 1998 Starred in a BBC Film "The GIFT" with Amanda Burton, Neil Dudgeon, and Trevor Peacock.
We all live in a bungalow (borrowed from the Bank.) in the Village of Haddenham situated on the edge of the Fens in Cambridgeshire.

Health - I am currently 5 ft 6 ins high and weight 11.5 stones, and I do not smoke or ever have, but I do like a pint of beer preferably Guinness.

Faults - I am sometimes too enthusiastic, and need a spell checker with everything. Yesterday I could,nt even spell Engineer, today I are one...

Psychometric Profile - Recently took a Dr Meredith Belbin Self Perception Inventory test, and I came out as a very high co-ordinator, resource investigator, and a high implimenter, team worker.

Quote - there is no such thing as can,t or impossible. There is nothing you can not do, if you throw enought time and money at it, just a series of priorities and decisions to work through

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